Over 55 years experience of producing bespoke composite containers & cardboard tubes

CBT, situated in a modern purpose-built facility near the motorway network, specializes in crafting composite containers. Our cutting-edge machinery ensures precision and efficiency, with ongoing technological updates to maintain industry-leading standards.

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CBT Packaging Ltd is one of the UK’s leading providers of bespoke Composite Containers, Printed Cardboard Tubes & Cardboard Canisters.

CBT Packaging Ltd are a leading manufacturer of bespoke composite containers, printed cardboard tubes & cardboard canister . With an over 55-year track record of design innovation and manufacturing excellence, we are the preferred choice of many household names in the FMCG and food and drink sectors.

Proudly independent and working to BRC/IOP hygiene standards. As well as being part of the FSC® chain of custody, to ensure the most sustainable raw materials are used when manufacturing composite containers.

Composite Containers

Composite containers are a great way to give any products great shelf presence, with the need for strong, stand-out branding driving today’s packaging.

Our bespoke composite containers offer some of the most eye-catching design options – brilliant colours, high gloss or matt finishes are just the beginning. Decorated with convolute lap labels, which can be printed up to eight colours on a range of different papers, with extra finishing touches such as foil blocking and embossing.

Printed Cardboard Tubes

CBT Packaging specializes in crafting customized printed cardboard tubes tailored to diverse industries and products. With extensive expertise, CBT adeptly collaborates with brands of all sizes, ensuring personalized attention to each account for impeccable service and quality.

From startups to established brands, CBT is well-equipped to meet the unique needs of various companies, maintaining stringent standards of detail and excellence throughout. Operating at a consistent Grade A level for direct food contact under the latest BRC regulations, CBT confidently serves a wide array of industries while upholding top-tier quality and hygiene standards.

Bespoke Product Range

CBT Packaging provides a diverse selection, offering tube diameters starting from 40mm and reaching a maximum of 116mm.

Our assortment includes various decorative or dispensing closures, such as metal lids that can be printed or embossed with company logos, perfect for luxury items like spirits bottles. Additionally, we offer a selection of lids suitable for dispensing loose foods, including finger-tab, flip-top, and multi-hole shaker lids.

To cater to different product needs, CBT Packaging offers a range of liners. Our decorative white liners are ideal for luxury products, enhancing their premium appeal. Furthermore, we provide food-grade liners with diverse characteristics and barriers tailored to different foods and household chemical products.

Latest Work & Projects.

Take a look at our latest work from a number of exciting projects. Get in touch today to start your next bespoke tube packaging project.